Friday, July 31, 2009

Americare School of Nursing

About Americare School of Nursing

The mission of Americare School of Nursing (ASN) is to educate students to be dedicated, caring and competent professionals in a variety of healthcare careers. The faculty and staff support a diverse, non-traditional student population.

Americare School of Nursing believes that its educational programs must promote excellence in didactic content and clinical performance. The faculty and staff accept the responsibility to provide their students with skills that promote critical thinking, currency in clinical performance, and behaviors that represent a well-adjusted member of the workforce. Graduates of Americare are lifelong learners and major contributors to their employers, communities, and nation.
Historically the school has been providing healthcare programs since 1972. Effective October 2007, Americare School of Nursing is owned by Baran School of Technology, Inc., which is the parent corporation of Americare Acquisition, LLC, registered in the State of Delaware. Both day and evening classes are available in most programs with job placement assistance and financial aid available for qualified students.

The main campus, in Fern Park, Florida, is geographically located between the cities of Orlando and Casselberry in Seminole County, Florida. The non-main campus, established as of January 2004, is located in the city of St. Petersburg, Pinellas County, Florida.

The Americare School of Nursing is accredited by the Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools (ABHES).

The Americare School of Nursing is licensed by the Commission for Independent Education (License #1577 for Fern Park and License #3204 for St. Petersburg)

Americare School of Nursing strives to provide quality education and training for their students. They believe in enhancing the growth and development of the ever-changing healthcare system to meet the needs of our multicultural and diverse society.

The administration and staff of Americare School of Nursing are committed to enriching the lives of students and providing quality educational programs, with realistic work skills. It is their commitment to find appropriate and effective educational techniques to help every student determine realistic goals, discover personal abilities, and develop these abilities.

The purpose of Americare School of Nursing is:

To provide high quality and affordable education to those seeking careers in health related fields

To empower all of their students to become lifelong learners and excel as critical thinkers.

To maintain their commitment to excellence in the community’s intellectual, educational, cultural, and economic development.

To produce well prepared, competent graduates ready to function in a variety of healthcare settings.

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