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Ashford University Online

About Ashford University Online

How do Ashford University's online classes work?

As an online student with Ashford University, your online classes take place in Blackboard, Ashford University's online platform. Blackboard is an asynchronous environment, meaning that you can log in at any time at your convenience. You will communicate with your instructor and fellow students, read some assigned texts, post your assignments and comment on other students' assignments all through the Blackboard environment.

How many times do I need to log in to my online class?

Log in at least two separate days each week to meet Ashford University's minimum attendance requirement for each online class.

Do I have to log in at a specific time?

No, you get to choose when and where to log in, which allows you to fit your degree program into your busy schedule. Your online classroom takes place in an asynchronous environment, which means that all students are free to participate at their own pace, so long as they log in at least 2 times per week, and on separate days.

What assistance does Ashford University offer to students who need extra academic support?

If you are like most Ashford University online students, then you are probably a working adult, and maybe it has been some time since you took a college-level class. Have no fear! Ashford University's online degree programs are specifically designed for adult learners. You will have your own personal Academic Advisor who will support you through the entire process, and to whom you can direct your questions. You will find all your instructors very understanding, supportive, and easy to contact. And all students are automatically eligible for unlimited free tutoring and academic coaching.

Do we have to do group work or team projects?

Absolutely not! You're a busy person with your own life, and Ashford University instructors only grade students on individual effort, never on group work.

Do I have to complete my Associate's degree before I can start an Ashford University Bachelor's degree program?

No, if you meet Ashford University's admission requirements, you may enter directly into a Bachelor's degree program at Ashford University online, even if you have never attended a college or university before. If you only want to earn an Associate's degree, then you have the option of enrolling in Ashford University's Associate of Arts in Business online degree program.

How does my degree from Ashford compare to degrees from other schools?

Your degree from Ashford University is equally valuable, accepted, and honorable as any equivalent degree you could earn from another accredited school or university, whether on a traditional campus or online. The only difference between a degree from Ashford University and a degree from another school is the money and time you'll save through Ashford University.

Is it true that I can get a degree for free?

Not at all. There is no such thing as a university education that is free of charge. Almost all students choose to apply for student loans, which do have to be re-paid. The idea that you can go to a four-year university for free is a persistent misconception. Some students receive small grants and scholarships, but these are relatively rare and almost never cover the full cost of tuition, even at a highly affordable institution like Ashford University.

Do I qualify for Financial Aid?

You will partner with a Financial Services Advisor to determine whether you can benefit from the various Financial Aid options offered. Financial Aid programs include the Federal Stafford Loan, the Federal PLUS Loan and in some cases, the Federal Pell Grant.

How does the graduation ceremony work for online students?

No matter where you live, even as an online student you are invited to participate in commencement ceremonies held in May and December on our campus in Clinton, Iowa. If you are visiting from out of town, you are responsible for arranging your own travel and accommodations. Remember that all students, both on campus and online, are required to submit the appropriate paperwork to petition to graduate.

Can I transfer all the credits I have earned from other schools I attended?

You'll be thrilled to learn that you can transfer up to 99 credits of previous coursework toward your Bachelor's degree from Ashford University. Talk to an Enrollment Advisor to find out how your credits can transfer.

Please note that transferring credits is always subject to Ashford University transfer credit policies, and requires the submission of official transcripts. The official transcripts will be evaluated to determine the credits that will officially apply toward an Ashford University degree program.

How long will it take me to earn my degree?

Thanks to Ashford University's accelerated pace, you can expect to finish your Bachelor's degree in no more than four years. Many students who transfer in a large number of credits from previous schools often graduate in less than two years.

Classes run continuously, rather than in semesters. Typically, you take one course at a time and move on to the next course without a break. Opportunities to enroll and begin a course sequence in a degree program are available every week

Is there any way that I can graduate faster than the regular four years?

Yes! One way is to transfer in credits from previous coursework. In some cases, you may also choose to take two classes at once, if you qualify after having completed your first two classes online. Work with your Enrollment and Academic Advisors about this option.

Another way to speed your success is to turn your work and life experience into transferable credits through the Prior Learning Assesment (PLA). From work training, workshops, and other sources, you can earn credit for learning experiences by documenting that learning. You may transfer in up to 75 credits through Ashford University's PLA Center. Use these credits to satisfy requirements in your Bachelor's degree program.

Is Ashford University an accredited school? What is the difference between regional and national accreditation?

Yes, Ashford University is regionally accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools ( Whereas national accreditation is typically associated with vocational or trade schools, regional accreditation denotes a traditional university that prepares students for advanced degrees. Regional accreditation is important to anyone seeking a degree, because it serves as the recognized standard used to identify quality in American higher education. Credits earned at one regionally accredited university or college can readily be transferred to another regionally accredited university or college.


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