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Lincoln College Online

Lincoln College Online

Lincoln College Online is a division of Lincoln College of Technology whose parent company is Lincoln Educational Services (Lincoln). Since 1946, they have provided hundreds of thousands of people with a practical, real-world education aimed at advancing their careers. Lincoln has grown rapidly over the years and now operates 41 campuses in 17 states, offering diplomas and degrees in Automotive/Diesel Technology, Skilled Trades, Business and Information Technology, Health Sciences, Spa and Cosmetology and Culinary Arts.

Lincoln College Online offers Associate and Bachelor's degrees in a variety of exciting fields.
Lincoln College Online, a division of Lincoln College of Technology, is totally different. As a Lincoln student, you’ll never feel alone. You’ll have all the support and guidance you need – from experienced instructors who take a sincere interest in their students and are always just an email, instant message or sometimes even a phone call away, from your classmates who are eager to exchange ideas and advice, and from our dedicated staff. Your Student Advisor, who will be with you during your entire time at Lincoln, will get to know you and your goals and will always be available to help you.

In fact, at Lincoln College Online, their goal is to combine the best features of online learning and a traditional college education. So you’ll get the convenience, flexibility and value of an online college and the academic excellence and personalized attention of a bricks-and-mortar college. You can actually expect more direct contact, via email and other virtual communication methods, with your instructors and Student Advisor than you would get at a traditional college. At a traditional school, instructors have scheduled office hours when they’re available to students, perhaps once or twice a week. Their instructors are always available by email and eager to help you when you need it. You can email your instructors with questions or comments throughout the week and around the clock. In addition to their posted weekly virtual office hours, all Lincoln College Online instructors schedule office hours by appointment and are required to respond to student emails within 24 hours.

Lincold College Online Facts

· Lincoln College Online is a nationally accredited division of Lincoln College of Technology and held to high career education standards

· Lincoln College Online is approved as an institution of higher learning by the U.S. Department of Education which enables us to provide students access to federal financial aid to assist with the cost of tuition

· The flexibility of their online learning method allows maximum convenience for working adults

· Lincoln College Online’s student services are tailored to support and assist learners with technology, academics and job placement

· Lincoln College Online’s programs have been developed with the collaboration of industry professionals, major book publishers and our curriculum experts

· Lincoln College Online’s instructors are trained, online instructors with technical and subject matter expertise

· Lincoln College Online is accredited by the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools (ACICS), a nationally recognized accreditation agency listed by the U.S. Department of Education under the provisions of Chapter 33, U.S. Code, and subsequent legislation. That means that Lincoln students are eligible for financial aid from the federal government.

Lincoln College Online carefully selects their faculty based on a number of criteria:

· Advanced Degrees – All of their faculty have earned at least a Master’s degree or equivalent industry certifications.

· Industry Experience – Lincoln College Online’s instructors bring real-world experience to the virtual classroom. They hire from all over the country to provide their students with only the most seasoned industry veterans. Their students learn from experts who give them a true taste of their chosen career path.

· Extensive Screening Process – Faculty are carefully screened to assess their industry experience, teaching experience and ability to communicate effectively with students.

· And even though they’re very well qualified, Lincoln College Online provides additional training:

· Each new instructor goes through a 90-hour training and supervision on-boarding process before being certified as a Lincoln instructor.

· Lincoln offers continuous training in the art of teaching to keep our instructors current in their industries.

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