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UCAN | University of Canada West

UCAN University of Canada West

University of Canada West History

In 2002, Dr. David Strong brought together a group of academic leaders, business people and other outstanding individuals from across Canada and around the world to create a groundbreaking alternative for post-secondary students both domestically and internationally.

As former president and vice-chancellor of the University of Victoria, Dr. Strong had a profound understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of the traditional Canadian university system. He saw that this system limited enrollment to candidates with an 80% average, skipping over a large portion of eligible students. In addition, he believed that the traditional four-to-five year path to a university degree delayed the student’s entry into the real-world.

In response, Dr. Strong and his colleagues suggested a new approach to post-secondary education. They visualized an institution that extended access to all eligible students from across the country and around the world. They envisioned a system that allowed students to earn their undergraduate and graduate degrees quickly – in some cases, just two years. As well, they saw an opportunity to further extend accessibility by offering degrees through online learning to working professionals and international students who could not attend a physical campus.

In 2004, these concepts became reality and University Canada West became the first private university established under the British Columbia Degree Authorization Act created earlier that year.

Since opening its doors, UCAN has grown, added new curriculum and launched new campuses. And the visionary spirit of its founders continues to guide its growth every step of the way.

General Information


University Canada West (UCAN) is an innovative, independent university that offers the MBA, BCom and BA degrees. The University offers a mixed model of teaching with both online and on-campus programs, catering to students who are interested in an enhanced form of learning. Small class sizes, reputable professors and instructors, and support from dedicated Learning and Skills Coaches are here to help you succeed.

University Canada West believes in positive attitudes and hard work. These qualities along with a minimum 65% high school average contribute to their admissions requirements. Even if your grades are not available when you apply, you may still be considered for admission based on the grades you expect to receive.

Since the UCAN academic year is built on four ten-week terms, you can complete a four-year degree program in just two years. Even if you spent one or two summer terms away from studies, you would still be able to complete your degree in less than three years.

You can live and study on the beautiful West Coast of Canada at University Canada West’s Vancouver or Victoria campus locations. Both cities are surrounded by a stunning natural environment of ocean and greenery, while also offering a friendly cosmopolitan city centre. With both campus locations situated in the heart of the city, students are treated to a small university village within Vancouver and Victoria’s urban landscape.

Accreditation and Recognition

Authority to operate educational institutions falls under the jurisdiction of the provincial governments and quality assurance is maintained at the level of provincial authorities. In British Columbia, this responsibility rests with the Ministry of Advanced Education and Labour Market Development.

Under BC legislation, the Minister of Advanced Education must approve all new degree programs for all BC public post-secondary institutions. The minister may grant consent to private and out-of-province public institutions to provide, advertise or grant degrees in BC and use the word “university” for educational purposes.

UCAN Recognition

University Canada West operates under the authority of the British Columbia Ministry of Advanced Education and Labour Market Development, on recommendation of the Degree Quality Assessment Board. The term “university” is used under the written consent of the Minister of Advanced Education, Government of British Columbia, Canada, effective August 9, 2004, having undergone a quality assessment process and been found to meet the criteria established by the minister.

Degree Quality Assessment Board (DQAB)

The Degree Quality Assessment Board reviews and makes recommendations to the Minister of Advanced Education and Labour Market Development on applications posted for:

New degree programs and exempt status submitted by B.C. public post-secondary institutions and all degree programs submitted by private and out-of-province public post-secondary institutions.

Use of the word “university” submitted by private and out-of-province public post-secondary institutions.

The DQAB also recommends to the Minister of Advanced Education and Labour Market Development policies, criteria and guidelines that will apply for the purposes of giving, renewing or refusing consent / approval or attaching terms and conditions to consent.

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