Saturday, August 1, 2009

BGSU Online

Bowling Green State University Online

Online Learning at Bowling Green State University Online (BGSU) allows students to complete their online degree with high academic standards while maintaining their current workload.

• Learn from home
• Work at your pace
• Education to fit your style of learning
• High academic standards
• Distinguished faculty that are leading in academics, industry, research, and consultation.
• Small virtual class sizes
• High level of interaction with faculty and students
• Network opportunities
• Finish a Degree

Online courses at Bowling Green State University (BGSU) begin and end on the semester schedule and assignments and tests have specific deadlines. Although you do not have to travel to campus to attend courses, you must log in often to stay on track with due dates and to successfully complete each course.

Delivered completely online via Blackboard, you will find that Bowling Green State University online courses deliver the same quality content as face to face courses while using technologically advanced methods and providing a high level of interaction with your instructor and classmates.

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