Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Brownson Technical School

Brownson Technical School is an accredited, private vocational school specializing in training students for careers in the rewarding field of HVAC, Refrigeration, and Direct Digital Controls Technology. Their programs are designed to teach students the technical skills necessary for an entry-level position - with a prospective employer. Their programs are a mixture of hands–on training and lecture, conducted at their fully equipped facility in the Anaheim, California (Southern California).

As never before, people are concerned about Energy Efficiency and protecting the environment. Help the public save energy – and money in their homes and business by becoming an HVAC-Refrigeration Technician today! Did you know that HVAC-Refrigeration Technicians help protect the Ozone Layer? Brownson Technical School is an accredited vocational school that has been training men and women in Southern California for careers in HVAC and Refrigeration since 1984. Their curriculum is updated regularly, all of their instructors are very experienced in the HVAC-Refrigeration industry.

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Did you know you could have a fun with a rewarding career as an HVAC, Refrigeration and DDC Technician?

As an HVAC and Refrigeration Professional you’ll be part of one of America’s highest demand professions. Indoor Comfort and Refrigeration are almost birthrights to most Americans. Since the days of the “Iceman” that brought blocks of ice to homes in the early 1900s homes, businesses, and industry have demanded the ability to cool down the things that needed cooling and warming up those things that needed to be warmed.

When “Refrigerated” Air Conditioning became available in the early 1900s, it transformed how movie theaters – and Hollywood. In an effort to be comfortable in our homes, our places of work, and wherever our travels should take us, we want to be comfortable. This requires very sophisticated heating and cooling and refrigeration equipment. While comfort is the main goal with HVAC, energy efficiency and environmental protection are very important.

When you study with Brownson Technical School, you’ll learn the skills to succeed as an HVAC and Refrigeration Technician, whether you work for someone else, or some day want to start your own business.

Brownson Technical School has been helping people achieve their career dreams for over 24 years (since 1984).

You’ll feel proud when your Brownson Technical School credentials are recognized by employers and you land a position you with a company you love. After over 24 years, their name stands as a great reference in the industry.

Brownson Technical School is located in Anaheim, California in a 20,000 square foot, freeway close training facility accessible to most of Southern California residents.

Southern California is a big place, Brownson Technical School is located in Anaheim, which is in the population center of Southern California.

Brownson Technical School is a privately owned school, not a public school, meaning it can react quickly to make changes as technology changes.

Public schools such as Community Colleges rarely offer very much in the way of Hands- on training and frequently take what seems like forever to complete. Many of their students tried the Community College route and found it wasn’t a good fit. For some reason there is a sky-high drop out rate in Community Colleges and yet, the drop out rate at Brownson Technical School is VERY low. There is virtually no attempt the place graduates at the Community College.

Brownson Technical School has a commitment to remain on the cutting edge of this industry. The latest energy saving technology available is brought into the school curriculum to keep Brownson Technical School’s graduates at top of every employer’s wish list.

Brownson Technical School’s HVAC-Refrigeration and DDC Technology Technician training program is accepted as meeting the requirements for “pre-apprenticeship” training for UA Local 250.

This means that a Brownson Technical School graduate is qualified to directly enter the Local 250 Apprenticeship training program as an Apprentice 1 ($18.16 per hour, plus benefits to start).

Because of a high referral rate from past students, Brownson Technical School doesn’t have to spend untold millions on television advertising, allowing students to save money on tuition yet receive unparalleled training.

The large corporate schools that blanket the airways must charge very high tuition prices because it is VERY EXPENSIVE to advertise on TV. Those costs must be passed on to the students that attend those schools.

Brownson Technical School is a family owned school, not owned by a large corporation where bottom line profits can often outweigh what is available for students to learn.

Many schools are owned by very large publicly traded corporations. If the school’s earnings fall below the magic numbers, these schools go crazy cost cutting. Brownson Technical School is a closely held company that doesn’t have to worry so much about the ups and downs of the economy.

Brownson Technical School hires talented, Caring instructors that really want you to learn!
You’ll enter your new profession with confidence after training under the BTS experienced instructors. BTS instructors bring their experience to the classroom and the lab. They know what it takes to become leaders in the field – because that’s exactly what they are. You’ll graduate with relevant, practical training that will help you move smoothly into your new career.

Brownson Technical School’s placement assistance works. The vast majority of graduates find training related jobs through Brownson Technical School’s placement office.

Since the BTS has been around over 24 years, employers are accustomed to calling the school, looking for graduates. They are proud of the demand from quality employers for their graduates.

Hands-on training is an important part of each one of Brownson Technical School’s programs. Students work on actual equipment simulating real situations they will encounter in the field.
Employers will be impressed with how quickly and easily you move from schooling into your new profession after you gain hands-on training directly relevant to your career goals. The personal instruction you receive from BTS will ensure you pick up new concepts quickly and have a solid understanding of every new skill and technique.

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