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Indiana State University Online

About Indiana State University Online

Indiana State University is a medium-sized, comprehensive university founded in 1865. The student population of approximately 10,000 includes students from throughout the United States and 59 countries. Indiana State University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association.

The University has offered distance learning since 1969.

On-campus courses are transformed to distance courses using the latest technologies. The primary delivery mode is the Internet. Selected courses are offered via Desktop Videoconferencing and live I-TV (accessible at selected receive sites).

Many courses and programs are offered entirely via distance learning; others require minimal visits to the ISU campus. Typically, any required on-campus components are designed to accommodate the schedules and geographic restrictions of working adults.

The University offers a comprehensive package of student services, including technical assistance for on-line and I-TV courses, credit transfer assistance, financial aid programs, an online bookstore, and library services.

Financial assistance programs include state and federal financial aid (including veterans benefits), scholarships, and student loans. In addition, the University's Sycamore Payment Plan enables eligible students to pay for semester-based courses in affordable monthly payments instead of large annual or semester payments.

Indiana State University Facts

1865 as Indiana State Normal School

Terre Haute, Indiana

Dr. Daniel J. Bradley (ISU's 11th president)Dr. Bradley started at ISU on July 31, 2008.

Public-coeducational university

Indiana State Normal School (1865-1929)Indiana State Teachers College (1929-1961)Indiana State College (1961-1965)Indiana State University (1965 to present)

Academic Fees

Room and board:
$3486 (per semester)

Faculty (2007):
410 (tenure and tenure-track)

Staff (2006):
508 (full-time executive, administrative and professional staff)
651 (full-time support staff)

Average class size (2006):

Faculty-Student ratio (2007):

10,487 (total)

Undergraduate: 8,386
Graduate: 2,071
Full-time: 7,936
Part-time: 2,521
Men: 4,804
Women: 5,653

Where our students come from (2008):
78.8% from Indiana 17% from out-of-state4.2% from outside the U.S. (59 countries represented)

Residence Halls:
Blumberg and Cromwell HallsMills and Rhoads HallsBurford HallPickerl HallHines and Jones HallsLincoln QuadUniversity Apartments

Diversity of student population (2008):
78.2 percent Caucasian17.9 percent minority2.4 percent international students1.5 percent students of unknown origin

2008 Minority breakdown (of the 17.9 percent above):
74.8 percent African American 9.7 percent Multiracial 7.8 percent Hispanic American 5.9 percent Asian American1.9 percent American Indian

Degrees offered:
Associate-TransferAssociate-TerminalBachelor'sMaster'sDoctorateEducation Specialist

More than 100 majors, including criminology, elementary education, nursing, psychology, communications, business, aerospace technology, recreation & sport management, construction management, music, athletic training, human resource development, and many more.

Top five undergraduate majors (2006):
Elementary, Early & Special Education
Business Administration

Top five graduate majors(2006):
Educational Leadership, Administration & Foundations
Curriculum, Instruction & Media Technology
Industrial Technology Education

Student Organizations:

2008-09 projected revenues:
· 61 percent in state appropriations
· 36 percent in student fees
· 3 percent in other fees, income, etc.

2008-09 projected expenditures:
· 51 percent in salary & wages
· 20 percent in fringe benefits
· 9 percent in supplies & committed expenses
· 7 percent in utilities & other
· 7 percent in student aid
· 3 percent in equipment & other capital
· 1 percent in repairs & maintenance
· 1 percent technology & quality enhancements

Sycamore Sam

Team Name:

Blue and White


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