Thursday, August 13, 2009

Roadmaster Drivers School

About Roadmaster Drivers School

Roadmaster Drivers School opened its first truck driving school location in Tampa, Florida on May 1, 1992. With excellent name recognition and the best of reputations for its unparalleled recruiting and training practices, Roadmaster ranks ahead of its competitors by grounding itself in old-fashioned hard work, honest dealings and high standards. This simple philosophy has been the backbone of a company intently focused on the success of its students.

The company's whole-hearted backing of its truck driving students is heard loud and clear through its brief and centered ethos statement:

"Our students are the most important people on our premises. They are not dependant on us, we are dependant on them. They are not an interruption of our work, they are the purpose of it. They are not an outsider of our school, they are part of it. We are not doing them a favor by training them; they are doing us a favor by giving us an opportunity to do so. They are the reason we exist."

John E. Kearney
President /CEO of Career Path Training Corp.

What You Can Expect from CDL Training at Roadmaster Truck Driving Schools!

Roadmaster is among the largest nationwide truck driving schools in the United States and their strength working with the top trucking companies becomes your benefit. They are invested in your success.

You can expect: hands-on truck driving classes, a special focus on CDL training and CDL exam material, tuition assistance for those who qualify. Today, several trucking companies offer reimbursement for truck driver training programs. For those who qualify, a variety of trucking companies will pre-hire students and reimburse training costs for as long as they are that company's employee. You'll have CDL training courses lasting only 3-4 weeks with FREE job placement assistance after graduation!

Roadmaster Drivers School Nationwide Locations

Each Roadmaster Drivers School operates truck driving schools for many communities throughout the country including those below and more!

West Memphis, Arkansas

Serving students from Little Rock, Arkansas; Tupelo, Batesville, Mississippi, Kennett, Malden, Missouri, Memphis and Dyersburg, Tennessee and more

Jacksonville, Florida

Serving North Florida including St. Augustine, Gainesville, Palatka, Middleburg, St. Marys, Valdosta, Georgia, and Brunswick GA

Orlando, Florida

Serving Central Florida including Dade City, Leesburg, Deland and Daytona

Tampa, Florida

Serving West Florida, Sarasota, Clearwater, St Pete and Lakeland, Florida

Indianapolis, Indiana

Serving Central Indiana including Anderson, Bloomington and Richmond, Indiana and Danville, Joliet, Kankakee, Decatur and Chicago, Illinois

Columbus, Ohio

Serving Central Ohio including Cincinnati, Dayton and Akron, Ohio; Wheeling, Clarksburg, and Parkersburg, West Virginia

San Antonio, Texas

Serving West Texas including Austin, McAllen, Corpus Christi, and Houston, Texas

Salt Lake City, Utah

Serving North East Utah including Park City and West Valley City, Utah; Evanston City and Alton, Wyoming

Dunn, North Carolina

Serving Central North Carolina including Fayetteville, Raleigh, Durham, Elizabeth City, Greensboro, Charlotte and Wilmington


  1. I attended Road Master driving school in Chattanooga.TN. It was the worst school. The class was lied to from day 1. They love to mane call,talk crap behind ur back,put u down.God for bid if u r a female in that school. I was the only female in my class and was told I am now a man because it is a mans world. Woman don't need to be involved in.Was called a douche because the instructor didn't know my name. When I told him my name he said he like douche sounded better. This man had never even met me.That school made my life a living hell.There was also a older gentleman that was there and they called him a pussy because he was aggravated because he couldn't do a back so get got out and walked around for a min. The head instructor says he is such a christian man and a pastor. Well if he was he wouldn't lie to ur face like he does.

  2. Another great benefit of driving schools is learning your State’s specific legal driving regulations. Knowing the laws helps you understand other drivers’ behaviors, which will lead to fewer accidents since you can anticipate their actions, but will also result in fewer tickets.

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