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Saint Leo University Online

Saint Leo University Online

The Center for Online Learning

Saint Leo University's Center for Online Learning was established in October of 1998 to meet the growing needs of adult students who are both computer savvy and accustomed to multimedia presentations. The Center for Online Learning offers the best attributes of traditional classroom education in conjunction with today's cutting edge technology. Saint Leo University began with 12 students. Now, we have over 5,000 matriculated students. Through the Internet they are providing students with the opportunity to advance their education without having to travel to a traditional campus. Thus, they have active students around the world! All of their students receive the same educational degrees through the online school as campus based students.

About Saint Leo University

Saint Leo University is a Catholic, liberal arts-based university serving people of all faiths. Rooted in the 1,500-year-old Benedictine tradition, the University seeks balanced growth in mind, body and spirit for all members of its community. On its home campus and many extension centers, Saint Leo University offers a practical, effective model for life and leadership in a challenging world, a model based on steadfast, moral consciousness that recognizes the dignity, value and gifts of all people.

Saint Leo University's Mission Statement

To accomplish its mission, the university community creates a student-centered environment in which love of learning is of prime importance. Members of the community are expected to examine and express their own values, listen respectfully to and respond to the opinions of others, serve the community in which they live, welcome others into their lives and care for all of God's creations.

Saint Leo University is a leading provider of higher education to working adults and is a major global provider of education to the military. With over 5,000 matriculated students, The Center for Online Learning at Saint Leo University is designed to meet the growing needs of adult students and offers the best attributes of traditional classroom education in conjunction with today’s most innovative computer technology. Through the Internet Saint Leo provides students with the opportunity to advance their education without having to travel to a traditional campus – no conventional classroom attendance is required. Set your own weekly study schedule anywhere/anytime. All Center for Online Learning students receive the same educational degree as campus based students.

Saint Leo University Campus

More than 1,000 students live and study on their main campus in Saint Leo, nestled in the rolling hills of west central Florida just 30 minutes north of Tampa. Their students receive personalized attention in classes since these tend to be small – 18 students on average. They can choose from more than 40 undergraduate majors and specializations. Saint Leo University also offers graduate degrees in business administration, education, teaching, criminal justice, and theology.

Raise Your Profile With Saint Leo

The opportunities at Saint Leo University are as diverse as their student population. As Florida’s oldest Catholic institution of higher learning, they offer over 41 academic programs that meet the academic, spiritual, and professional goals of more than 14,000 traditional campus and adult continuing education students.

14,000 students pursue associate’s and bachelor’s degrees at their 17 Continuing Education centers in seven states and through the Center for Online Learning.

Why Choose Saint Leo

You want to be recognized as an individual, not lost in a crowd. You set high standards for yourself and your peers. You expect technology to be fully integrated throughout the learning landscape. You want a college that respects tradition while offering you truly global reach.

Saint Leo University is Accredited

Accreditation certifies a college for both the educational and professional world. Saint Leo University is accredited by Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, one of six regional accreditors of the United States. The six regional accreditors have been approved by both the Department of Education and the Council for Higher Education; they are considered the trustworthy evaluators of quality education. This means that a degree from Saint Leo University is not only considered a reputable asset to bring to the work force, but also qualifies for unit transfer to all other colleges within the six regional accreditors’ framework.

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