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Spartan College of Aeronautics | Technology

About Spartan College of Aeronautics and Technology

Spartan College of Aeronautics and Technology was founded September 27, 1928, by W.G. Skelly, President of Skelly Oil Company. He established Spartan Aircraft Company and formed the corporation that built Tulsa Municipal Airport (now called Tulsa International Airport). Since 1928, this airport has been the home of Spartan. Mr. Skelly was convinced that air transportation would come of age and bring with it a need for skilled aircraft technicians and pilots; therefore, Spartan offered both mechanic and flight courses and quickly became a leader in aviation education.

Spartan's fame spread quickly, first nationally and then internationally. Students came from many states and foreign countries.

During World War II and the Korean War, Spartan trained thousands of pilots and mechanics for the armed forces while continuing to expand in the civil aviation field. Much of the credit for this period of expansion goes to J. Paul Getty, who acquired Spartan from Skelly in 1942.

The ownership of Spartan was maintained by Getty until 1968, when it was purchased by Automation Industries, Inc. Spartan built and occupied its south campus on Pine Street in 1969. In 1971, Spartan became a subsidiary of National Education Corporation. National Education Corporation became a subsidiary of Harcourt General Corporation in 1997.

Spartan has graduated more than 80,000 technicians and pilots. Through the performance of its graduates, it has had a significant influence on world aviation.

What Programs does Spartan offer?

A. Spartan College of Aeronautics and Technology offers Avionics Maintenance Technology, Aviation Maintenance Technology, Nondestructive Testing diploma programs, Associate of Applied Science Avionics Maintenance Technology, Aviation Maintenance Technology, Quality Control and Professional Pilot degree programs. Spartan also offers a Bachelor of Science Aviation Management degree program.

What kind of facilities do you have?

A. Spartan has over 240,000 square feet of training facilities on three campuses and located at two Tulsa-area airports.

Do you assist graduates in job placement?

A. Spartan offers ongoing career services to their graduates. Career services include: resume creating, on-campus recruiting visits, and interview skills training. The Career Center also holds two on-campus career fairs each year.

When should I apply for acceptance?

A. Applications for acceptance are reviewed and processed weekly. Once a student determines interest in applying for acceptance they should apply immediately. Applicants must complete an interview process with an Admissions Representative prior to submitting application to the college. Final acceptance is determined by the Admissions Department after reviewing submitted application and all supporting documentation.

Does Spartan offer any scholarships?

A. Thousands of scholarship dollars go unused each year simply because no one applies. Spartan and other aviation and non-aviation related organizations offer scholarships to assist students in attending college. Contact Spartan today for complete details on scholarships available to qualified students.

Do you offer housing assistance?

A. The Spartan Landing Housing complex. Located just behind Spartan's Main Campus, The Spartan Landing offers comfortable and affordable housing for their single students. The Spartan Landing availability is limited and filled on a first come first served basis. Spartan can also recommend a free apartment referral service to assist students in locating suitable housing when the Spartan Landing is at full capacity. The referral service is for flight students, single students age 21 and older and married students, or for students attending college with family.

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