Friday, August 14, 2009

Tiffin University Online

About Tiffin University Online

Tiffin University Online offers a growing number of online courses and degree programs that allow students of all ages, from every part of the globe, to earn their degrees while working full-time.

Whether you want to complete a bachelor's degree that you have already started or earn a master's degree, Tiffin's online programs are a convenient and cost effective way to reach your goal.

Tiffin Online Degrees Have Clout

Many of their alumni tell them they are proud to have an online degree from Tiffin. Unlike other universities that offer distance learning, their students know a Tiffin degree means something in the marketplace. As a Tiffin online student, your degree is awarded by Tiffin University and does not indicate whether you attended class online, in a classroom on the Tiffin campus, or at one of their many other campus locations. You'll receive the same high-quality, professionally focused education and degree as their on campus students—with one exception—no commute!

Advantages of a Tiffin Online Degree

Tiffin University Online offers an excellent curriculum delivered by an accomplished and highly-trained faculty, many of whom work in the field they are teaching;

Tiffin University Online prides themselves on small classes and intense interaction between students and faculty;

Tiffin University Online delivers the same valued degree that Tiffin awards students in seated classes;

Tiffin University Online has a professional staff located on their Tiffin campus who are dedicated to serving their online students;

Tiffin University Online continues to add new and exciting online degrees and majors each year; and

Tiffin University Online offers financial aid options for their online students.

Founded in 1888, Tiffin University is proud to offer a personal and practical education for motivated, professionally focused students who want real-world experiences and results.

About Tiffin

Tiffin is a private, coeducational university located in Tiffin, Ohio, on a small but growing campus that offers students a safe, friendly place to pursue their dreams.

Their vibrant 110-acre campus in north central Ohio features both historic red brick and sandstone buildings that date back to the 1880s as well as newer facilities such as the dynamic Hertzer Technology Center and The Hayes Center for the Arts.

Students have access to some of the best undergraduate, graduate, and degree completion programs and can decide whether to pursue their degree on campus, online, or enjoy a little bit of both. Some of their most popular programs, many of which are nationally recognized, include homeland security/terrorism; sports and recreation management; communication; and business management, to name a few.

Tiffin University also is known for creating innovative partnerships in nearly everything they do: from helping their students gain access to competitive internships to connecting them to professionals in the real world as they enter the job market.


Tiffin University is accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. They also are accredited by the Association of Collegiate Business Schools and Programs. Only one-fourth of all business programs in the United States offer this prestigious level of accreditation.

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