Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Keller Graduate School of Management

Keller Graduate School of Management Profile

When you earn a degree from DeVry University's Keller Graduate School of Management, you'll gain the professional credibility and essential skills necessary to advance your career. From practitioner faculty and a curriculum that's highly responsive to industry trends to onsite and online learning options that fit your life, Keller delivers flexible graduate management degree programs that give you an outstanding educational experience, including the skills employers value and the confidence you need to advance in your career and stay ahead of the competition.

Here are just a few of the reasons why thousands of students choose to pursue their advanced degrees at Keller Graduate School of Management each year:


You'll earn a recognized degree that enhances your career potential and gives you a competitive advantage as evidenced through
o A respected graduate school recognized by leading employers across a wide range of industries.
o A variety of specialized master's degree programs that develop business leaders.
o Coursework tailored to meet your personal and professional needs and interests.


Your education will be as accessible as possible so you can balance work and life while you advance your career through
o Convenient learning options and flexible class schedules for the ultimate flexible degree programs.
o A session-based course structure with six unique start times every year.
o A nationwide network of over 85+ commuter-friendly graduate school locations.
o Dynamic online degree programs, with the same content and rigor as programs offered onsite, but with "anywhere, anytime" convenience.


Your educational experience will emphasize the critical competencies, practical knowledge and directly applicable skills you need to succeed through
o A regularly updated curriculum.
o A faculty of established business professionals who are extensively trained before they even step into our classrooms and graded by students after every class they teach.
o Real-world teaching methods.
o Graduate degree programs that expand your marketability and earning potential.


You'll benefit from our commitment to provide exceptional service to working adults through
o A streamlined graduate admissions process.
o Graduate course exemptions and transfer credits that may reduce your course load and let you finish faster and waivers that allow you to take additional electives that align with personal and professional interests.
o Administrative procedures that can be handled onsite or online.
o Electronic access to the same full range of support services available onsite.


You'll be earning your degree from a graduate school that's committed to your total satisfaction as evidenced through
o A University mission that focuses on meeting the needs of each and every student.
o A full complement of career services and graduate student services available at every Keller site and online.


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