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American Institute of Holistic Theology

American Institute of Holistic Theology

At American Institute of Holistic Theology, their students come from around the world. They are typically adult students, with or without prior college experience, who are motivated by taking an active role in their own learning environment.

AIHT currently has more than 4600 students and alumni, whose goals include pursuing a lifestyle in harmony with their spirituality, human health and nature. Their unique curricula emphasize spiritual health and wholeness. Many of their graduates use their training to help others in their quest for inner peace and harmony — both in their own life, and in their relationships with others.

For many adult students who either work full-time for an employer, manage their household and care for children, or who are self-employed, the distance learning format is nothing short of a godsend. American Institute of Holistic Theology’s students and alumni often tell them that distance-learning offered the only solution in furthering their educations, to prepare them for future opportunities.

Through AIHT, the student can work at home, whether his or her “prime time” is at noon, 6 p.m. or even 2 a.m. They can ask questions and receive answers by e-mail, or they can call and speak to a faculty expert during the typical workday, Monday through Friday. American Institute of Holistic Theology is not aware of any traditional college or university, anywhere, that can offer the faculty availability that AIHT provides.

At American Institute of Holistic Theology, students also work at their own pace. You can complete a course in a matter of weeks, or take as long as your own schedule requires. Complete your tests and course assignments during your own peak time — AIHT knows that each student is different, and their programs encourage all to succeed.


If you are among the many people today who are seeking spiritual transformation through the growth of your own personal interfaith perspective, the American Institute of Holistic Theology offers the kind of inspirational education you can believe in. With an education from AIHT, not only can you transform and grow your own life and faith, but you can use this education to minister and serve others, offering healing and transformation to your world.

What is an Interfaith Perspective?

An interfaith perspective bridges the gaps between religions, faiths, and spiritual paths. An interfaith perspective provides understanding, rather than condemnation, developing that understanding through a consistent effort to study the various rituals, liturgies, ceremonies, prayers, and spiritual experiences of the various world religions and spiritual paths. In fact, you could say that the interfaith perspective is actually a composite perspective, one that is inclusive rather than exclusive of the diverse traditions, faiths, cultures, and religions of our world. One with an interfaith perspective can, for example, belong to a particular faith, and yet practice rituals and liturgies from other faiths and spiritual traditions. Or, one might not belong to any particular religion, but activate a spiritual path as individual as the diversity that is humanity itself. Openness to the gifts and wisdom gained from any spiritual endeavor is the very definition of the interfaith perspective.

American Institute of Holistic Theology History

The American Institute of Holistic Theology was established in 1991. Since that time the development of programming and curriculum has evolved, through its own study, to an interfaith perspective that is more and more true to the holism that defines them. Over those years of growth, AIHT has inspired thousands of students to find and live their own spiritual lives with a knowledge base that allows them to evolve and to serve others by providing respectful, spiritual care to all persuasions and faiths. The school has developed more and more programming with the intent of giving their students a firm but broad base, that will not only add more meaning to their own lives but will allow them to offer holistic spiritual service to others. Their interfaith programs have grown to include Holistic Theology, Holistic Ministries, Holistic Health, Metaphysics, and Parapsychic Science. Each of these programs is interfaith at its core, but specifically directed toward the particular area of spiritual service of each student’s choice.

AIHT gives its students the opportunity to be leaders in that transformative process, offering openness and wholeness simultaneously to those whom they serve, assisting those they touch in forming their own connection to the Divine, holding forth the holiness that is in all, offering healing and succor to those who request it and increasing the meaning and wholeness in their own lives through knowledge, wisdom and service.

AIHT offers you the knowledge base to transform your life and offer compassionate support and service to your world. If that is your dream, then AIHT can help you make that dream come true.

AIHT students, graduates, faculty and staff are eligible to apply for membership within numerous affinity organizations that may offer opportunities for professional networking and educational enrichment, community service projects and inspired camaraderie, and/or group benefits.

AIHT is a member of the following organizations:

American Association of Christian Counselors
Association for Global New Thought
Association for Research and Enlightenment, Inc (A.R.E)
Buddhist Peace Fellowship
American Holistic Health Association
Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS)
National Wellness Institute

American Institute of Holistic Theology is licensed by: Alabama Department of Postsecondary Education

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