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American InterContinental University (AIU)

About American InterContinental University (AIU)

American InterContinental University (AIU) was founded in Europe in 1970 on the premise that universities should transcend the bounds of the traditional, theoretical approach to education by providing students with a curriculum that prepares them for successful, productive careers. For more than 35 years, AIU has offered this innovative approach to education at its campuses in Atlanta Buckhead, established in 1976; London, established in 1978; and Los Angeles, established in 1982.

In 1998, additional campuses were established in Atlanta Dunwoody, and South Florida. AIU Online began in 2001 and was recognized as a separate campus in 2002. In 2003, an additional campus was added in Houston, Texas. In June 2009, the AIU Buckhead and the AIU Dunwoody campuses combined to become AIU Atlanta. In January 2001, Career Education Corporation (CEC) acquired the University.

AIU is committed to developing curricula that provide students with career preparation in business, criminal justice, design and media arts, education, and information technology. The University's success in this endeavor is reflected in the employment of its graduates throughout the international business community, the achievements of its alumni, and the commitment of its faculty.


American InterContinental University is accredited by The Higher Learning Commission and a member of the North Central Association. Additional information is available at 312-263-0456 or

Why AIU?

You can count on AIU to provide industry-current knowledge for today's in-demand professional fields.

At AIU, they take great pride in attracting students from around the world who are seeking a supportive learning environment to help them nurture and achieve their personal and professional dreams.

Here are a few of the reasons their university is the right choice for thousands of motivated professionals seeking to add to their academic credentials with a real-world, career-focused education.

1. A Regionally Accredited Institution of Higher Learning

American InterContinental University is accredited by The Higher Learning Commission and a member of the North Central Association. Additional information is available at 312-263-0456 or

2. Experienced Instructors Offering Insiders' Knowledge

At AIU, you'll learn from instructors with real-world experience in the fields they teach. They'll share accumulated knowledge and offer relevant, meaningful support as you focus on your future and make plans for your career after you graduate.

3. Industry-Current Degree Programs

AIU structures its degree programs and course content to be practical and applicable in today's real world. Emphasis is on the development of skills and accrual of knowledge that will be helpful in the pursuit of your desired professional field.

4. An Experiential Approach to Education

American InterContinental University believes that in order to be meaningful in the real world, education must be practical in its delivery. That's why AIU emphasizes students' understanding of the knowledge, skills and experiences that will be expected of them as working professionals in their desired fields.

5. The Blended Learning Option

At AIU, they understand that many students have challenging schedules and real-world responsibilities like jobs, families and social obligations. That's why they offer students the option to conveniently combine classes on campus with courses online. This "blended learning" option opens up a world of new possibilities to students wishing to begin, continue or advance their current knowledge, skills and credentials with an industry-current degree.

6. Degree Programs in Today's Sought-After Fields

As the job market evolves, AIU will continue to develop curricula in the most in-demand areas of business, information technology, criminal justice, fashion marketing and design, media production, education, game design and visual communication.

7. A History of Successful Students

American InterContinental University is proud of the accomplishments of their graduates and the achievements of their alumni throughout the international business community.

8. A Team-Based Approach to Student Success

From one-on-one academic guidance on the part of advisors to tuition planning and career development assistance, students and alumni of AIU benefit from a personalized commitment to their ultimate satisfaction, success and achievement.

9. Technologically Advanced Learning Environments

AIU students can securely connect to the university network to access information, check email and communicate with classmates and instructors.

10. Experienced Tuition Planning and Financial Aid Department

Financial Aid Advisors are available to assist students in exploring the many options for paying for their education. Experienced tuition planning assistance is also available to all students at AIU.

AIU Mission and Goals

AIU Mission Statement

American InterContinental University's mission is to provide for the varying educational needs of a culturally diverse and geographically dispersed student body with the goal of preparing students academically, personally, and professionally for successful careers.

Philosophy and Purpose

AIU is an international university with campuses in Atlanta, GA; Los Angeles, CA; South Florida; Houston, TX; and London, England. The Online campus is located in Northwest Suburban Chicago, IL. Founded as the American College in 1970, AIU provides Associate, Bachelor's and Master's degrees in a campus environment and online.

The University community believes it has a special commitment to support each individual's goals. To this end, the University places emphasis on the educational, professional, and personal growth of each student. Programs, policies, and activities, which have been designed to implement this philosophy and purpose statement are evaluated periodically and changed, as necessary, to meet the needs of the student body and the institution.

AIU, as an international institution of higher education, encourages global understanding by providing an atmosphere of cultural diversity and opportunities for international education.

Purpose-Related Goals

In support of its philosophy and mission, AIU's goals are as follows:

· To enable students from diverse cultures and backgrounds to achieve personal and professional goals.
· To provide academic programs, services, facilities, and technologies that support student learning and contribute to students' intellectual development and personal growth.
· To foster the development of critical thinking and lifelong learning skills.
· To instill the importance of ethical behavior, responsibility, and professional standards.
· To retain a diverse faculty comprised of experienced, qualified educators with industry-current expertise.
· To guide students in preparing for and achieving future success.

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