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Career Technical Institute | CTI

About Career Technical Institute CTI

Who is eligible to attend Career Technical Institute (CTI)?

Career Technical Institute is open to all secondary school students residing in Dutchess County. Individual programs may have particular requirements.

Their mandate, as provided by the commissioner’s regulations and education law, is to provide career and technical education programs for all qualified students. Every effort is made to evaluate each student individually on his or her own merits. The selection process is a joint cooperative effort between the local school counselor and CTI administrative staff. Together they work toward providing placement for each individual student in the appropriate school program. The Dutchess BOCES does not discriminate on the basis of gender, color, race, religion or disability.

How do I enroll in a CTI program?

If you are a high school student who wants to enroll in CTI, you should obtain an application from your home school guidance department. The application is to be filled out completely including a second course selection and signed by a parent or guardian and the school nurse. The completed application should then be returned to your home school guidance counselor. Your guidance counselor will attach a copy of your high school transcript and forward the complete application packet to CTI.

If you change your mind before school begins, please contact CTI during the summer. If you want a program change after you are at the Center, see a CTI administrator.

Will CTI help me meet my graduation requirements?

At CTI successful students may earn three (3) to four (4) units each year toward a Regent’s or Local High School Diploma. Credits earned may be used to fulfill sequence or elective credit requirements.

At CTI, students may complete diploma sequences in Arts and Humanities, Business Information Systems, Health Services, Engineering Technologies, Human and Public Services, or Natural & Agricultural Sciences.

CTI programs meet diploma requirements. Students may begin their Career and Technical Education sequences in their home school or at CTI. Generally students attend CTI during their junior and senior year of high school.

Do I have to pay to attend CTI?

Tuition for courses at CTI is paid for by the student’s home school. There is no tuition cost to the student or his family for the instructional services or transportation. However, purchase of individual equipment, work clothes and materials may be required within the framework of any CTI offering. These purchases are the property of the student.Adults attending CTI must pay tuition in advance. Please call 845.486.8001 for current charges for adults.

Can I get high school credit for working while I attend CTI?

Yes. CTI offers a number of work based learning opportunities. Cooperative work experience acts as the bridge between formal career and technical education and the world of work. Whenever feasible, dependent upon types of programs, work experience will play an important role in the occupational preparation of the student. In the majority of instances this work experience will be during the second year of a two year program. Students will "capstone" on a part-time basis and will receive evaluations from their employers. Students will report to class at least once a week for related theory and class work.

Will CTI help me find a job?

Yes. CTI has a full-time Placement Specialist. This person is responsible for developing a Job Bank with potential employers and providing job orders received from employers to our teachers. The teachers notify qualified students of these opportunities and assist them in obtaining full-time jobs upon graduation. Students looking for part-time employment may also use the services of the Job Placement Coordinator.

Does CTI offer academic courses?

The requirements for a diploma now include at least three units of math and science. Students may take courses in these areas at CTI. Home school guidance departments will assist students in determining the need for academic courses. Academic course offerings include: English 11; Social Studies 12; MST (Math, Science & Technology); Integrated or Specialized Math or Science; and CTE Integrated English.

Do I graduate from my home school or CTI?

Students graduate from their home school. However, CTI has a Recognition Night where all students who successfully complete an occupational program and acquire the skills and knowledge to enter the world of work receive a CTI Certificate of Completion. This certificate, which indicates the program length and the job targets attained, is recognized by local businesses as they screen and hire new employees.

What type of success do CTI students have after program completion?

Career and technical graduates have, typically, been very successful. They are small business owners, managers and supervisors; they are nurses, journeymen carpenters, plumbers and electricians, machinists, electronic technicians, licensed cosmetologists, auto and auto body mechanics, cooks and chefs, etc. They are in all the fields in which training is provided. The Placement Specialist and all the teachers have the responsibility to assist all successful program completers in getting jobs in the fields in which they are trained. Typically, over 94% of the graduates are working or continuing their training beyond high school.

Will I be able to use my CTI experience for college opportunities?

In recent years, approximately 65% of our program completers have gone on to a post secondary educational setting. Their graduates have attended the following schools of higher education, many with advanced standing or credits already earned at CTI.

About Dutchess BOCES

Dutchess BOCES was organized on May 22, 1957, upon the order of the Commissioner of Education. Through the cooperative efforts of their thirteen component school districts, Dutchess BOCES is able to offer a wide variety of educational programs and support services to children and adults in Dutchess County. They serve a student base of 47,000 pupils. The present operational budget is in excess of $46 million.


Dutchess BOCES will be recognized for its premier educational and support services providing quality and cost-effective solutions for theirr community. They will promote an organizational culture fostering collaboration, innovation, efficiency, excellence and leadership that is embraced by BOCES and its community.


Dutchess BOCES will provide leadership in raising all Dutchess County students' academic performance to a level that meets or exceeds the New York State Standards. This will be done through focusing available resources in new ways that enhance leadership in their schools, promote strategic data driven decision-making, and provide services and programs needed by county schools to fulfill this mission. They shall also continue in their mission of collaborating with other community agencies for the betterment of county residents to meet the educational needs of all citizens.

Core Values & Beliefs

Their vision for the future is based on a set of core values and beliefs, including their commitment to:

  • Be the premier educational and support service provider for their community, public and private agencies, and employers
  • Build the capacity of Dutchess County to provide life-long learning for all members of the community
  • Be recognized as a leader in their educational communities
  • Offer services of unparalleled excellence
  • Promote sharing and cooperation among their communities
  • Provide cost-effective services
  • Encourage innovation and foster creativity
  • Be committed to customer satisfaction
  • Be responsive to change
  • Be effective communicators

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