Wednesday, August 5, 2009

CDI Career College

About CDI Career College

At CDI Career College, they have been helping students build their careers for over 40 years! As one of Canada's premiere career-training providers, they offer solid, market-driven programs that focus on helping their students develop the skills that are in demand by the leading employers in the business, technology and health care industries.

For over four decades CDI College watched their graduates embark on careers rich in opportunity. From the quality of our instructors, facilities and resources, the main goal at CDI will always be to provide their students with a superior education geared toward a successful and long term career.

Whether you are just beginning your training or you are looking for professional advancement through continued education, CDI College can help you. In a matter of months, you can complete a career-focused program that ensures you build a skill set to help you launch a meaningful career.

CDI College prepares students to enter the working world with practical, hands-on learning experiences. As an incentive, students can choose from day or evening classes* to fit their busy schedules. Financial assistance may also be available for those who qualify.

Find out why CDI will work for you!

1. Get trained in less time than you think.

CDI understands that many people want to continue their education, but can't afford the time or money required to earn a four-year degree. While students in other schools are still in the classroom, CDI College graduates are already in the workplace.

2. Learn from instructors with real-world experience.

CDI College instructors bring years of professional experience into the classroom. Having spent time in the fields they teach, they are able to enhance curriculums to meet the needs of potential employers. In addition to field experience, their teachers are also able to provide you with the one-on-one attention you deserve because their classes are smaller than at other schools.

3. Earn an education you can put to use.

You will receive hands-on training using many of the same tools and equipment used by professionals in their fields. You'll also work on projects that will prepare you for challenges faced on the job. CDI College focuses on providing quality programs that integrate professional skills and career-focused education.

College Accreditation

Each Canadian province has its own regulatory body that awards accreditation to private educational institutions, so CDI campuses are each accredited differently, depending on the province they reside in. Below you will find information on each organization from each province.
In British Columbia, CDI College is accredited by the Private Career Training Institutions Agency of BC (PCTIA).

Their campuses in Alberta are accredited by Alberta Advanced Education.

If you're training in Manitoba, the CDI campus in Winnipeg is accredited by the Manitoba branch of the National Association of Career Colleges.

Québec Ministry of Education, Leisure and Sport (MELS) is the regulatory body in Québec and all three campuses in that province are accredited by MELS.

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