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US Career Institute

About U.S. Career Institute (USCI)

Imagine a class that always starts the second you’re ready, right from your home. A career-focused class that moves as fast as you want it to. Think of having an expert instructor standing by to answer your questions and cheer you along, just a phone call or email away.

Here are just a few of the ways that U.S. Career Institute helps you unlock your potential…


Real World Curriculum

U.S. Career Institute programs build your career-related skills and knowledge. They don’t waste your time or your money with “filler” information. Instead, they’ve packed their programs with the real world applications and examples you need to excel in the workplace.

Customized Textbooks

Industry professionals write all of their textbooks and course materials. They’ve customized each program for the career-oriented students who attend U.S. Career Institute. Plus, their step-by-step courses are continually updated to provide the most accurate and useful learning materials possible.


Study at Home

With distance education, you can study in the comfort and convenience of your own home. There is no commute. No classes to attend. No need to take time away from your family, your work or your other activities and interests.

Study at Your Own Pace

U.S. Career Institute is self-paced. You can race through your studies or, if you’d rather, take your time. You decide what pace best suits your needs.


Student-Friendly Pricing

They believe a world-class education shouldn’t cost you the world. U.S. Career Institute offers a variety of payment options. And all of their programs come with 0% interest and no finance charges. You can start with a low down payment and pursue your career with low monthly payments, everything included.

Risk-Free Preview

Studying at U.S. Career Institute is an opportunity, not a risk. That’s why they offer every student a truly risk-free preview. You can enroll at USCI, receive your first course materials and then decide if they fit your needs. If you change your mind within seven days, you may withdraw and receive a full refund. No questions asked!


Student Support

Got a question? Shoot them an email or give them a call. Want to check your grades and payment status? Log into your online student account. Whatever your needs are, they make it easy to get what you need. You can reach them online, by email, toll-free phone, toll-free fax or mail.

Graduate Support

All U.S. Career Institute graduates receive unlimited graduate career support. Their veteran graduate counselors will help you develop your resume, hone your interviewing skills and get the career you want. They’re committed to helping you land the job of your dreams.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How does USCI decide what career programs to offer?

A. Before they select a career for course development, they evaluate three things: 1) growth potential of the career; 2) the quality of life the career affords; 3) finally, the flexibility the career offers--for example, most of their courses train you for careers you can do at home or in an office.

Q. Why do people choose USCI training?

A. Because they can train at home to make good money and have a skill that is in demand. Plus their students tell us that they like our personal approach to home-study training. They can contact us for assistance anytime.

Q. I've heard of USCI Careful Curriculum...what is this?

A. USCI is not an old-fashioned, home-study, "menu" school that offers hundreds of courses made up of content you could buy in any bookstore. Instead, they carefully select each program they offer and develop every single lesson and supplement themselves. They make sure that top experts in your selected career field have direct, hands-on participation in the course content. This is what they like to call USCI Careful Curriculum.

Q. Is U.S. Career Institute accredited?

A. Yes. U.S. Career Institute is an Accredited Member of the Distance Education and Training Council. The Accrediting Commission of the Distance Education and Training Council is listed by the U.S. Department of Education as a nationally recognized accrediting agency for distance learning schools. Because of this, their curriculum, faculty, administrative procedures, and policies are frequently reviewed to ensure that they continue to meet the DETC's exceptionally high standards of quality.

Q. What other credentials does U.S. Career Institute have?

A. U.S. Career Institute has been a state-approved school since it was established more than 20 years ago. Since that time thousands of men and women have received their training. U.S. Career Institute is in good standing with the Better Business Bureau.

Q. If I’m in the military, can I be reimbursed for my tuition?

A. U.S. Career Institute is approved for Veteran's Administration educational benefits, qualified under the Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support, or DANTES program. Military personnel, including those on active duty or reserve, may be eligible for partial reimbursement of tuition upon graduation. For reimbursement information contact your DANTES education officer before you enroll.

Q. Will my employer reimburse me for my tuition?

A. Some students may be eligible for full or partial reimbursement of their tuition by their employers. Your company may be able to take advantage of The Employee Education Assistance Act (IRS Code, Section 127). Check with your supervisor or personnel department.

Q. Are the courses easy to learn?

A. Yes. They show you step-by-step how to perform the skills you need in order to start your new career. Their courses include simulated, real-world exercises in which you actually "do the job" of your career choice.

Q. Do I need any previous education or experience?

A. You need no previous medical experience. You must be able to read, write and understand directions to begin the course. In some courses you will need to develop typing skills. If you don't currently know how to type, they can counsel you on the best typing tutorials to use for your specific skill level.

Q. What is the earnings range for USCI careers?

A. Because salaries vary from place to place and from career to career, they suggest you inquire in your area. They think you'll be pleased at what you discover.

Q. Who will I be working for?

A. Most USCI careers give you the option of working for yourself at home or working for someone else in an office or other workplace.

Q. How much work is available?

A. That depends on the career you select. For example, in the field of healthcare the current demand is great; healthcare is growing faster than other segments of the economy!

Q. How will I find work when I'm ready?

A. U.S. Career Institute offers continuing graduate support. They show you how to contact employers and present your credentials. Their Jobs Finder supplement gives you step-by-step guidance on how to successfully enter your chosen career.

Q. Are there any extras I must buy?

A. No. In some programs you will need to access a computer when you reach the midway section of the course. They're happy to advise you on where to borrow or rent a computer because they feel that developing PC skills will speed up your progress and increase your earning potential when you graduate.

Q. What is the potential for advancement?

A. Typically, your earnings grow as you gain more and more experience.

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