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Virginia College Online

Virginia College History

Virginia College was founded by the Atlantis Group, Inc., in 1983 and then purchased by Career Futures, Inc., in 1989. Virginia College opened its first branch campus in Birmingham, Alabama, in February 1992, and this became the main campus in 1995. In April 1993, the College opened its second branch campus in Huntsville, Alabama. In 1997, Virginia College received senior college recognition from the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools(ACICS) which now accredits all programs at the school's campuses.

Education Corporation of America acquired Virginia College in mid 1999. The College opened its third branch campus in Jackson, Mississippi, in January 2000. Medical Career Centers in Pensacola, Florida, and Mobile, Alabama, became part of the Virginia College family in July 2001. A fourth branch campus was opened in Austin, Texas, in January 2002. Subsequent additions are Virginia College in Biloxi, Mississippi, which held its first classes in November 2005, Virginia College School of Business and Health in Chattanooga, Tennessee, which opened in October 2006, Virginia College in Montgomery, Alabama, which opened in April 2008, and Virginia College in Greenville, South Carolina, which offered its first class in October 2008. Virginia College in Jacksonville, Florida, which opened in April 2009. The most recent additions are the Augusta, Georgia campus, which is scheduled to open in June 2009, and the Charleston, South Carolina campus, which is scheduled to open in October 2009.

Virginia College also offers educational opportunities to students anywhere via the internet while allowing students located near on-ground campuses to have a choice of taking classes online, in the traditional classroom, or in a combination of both.

Virginia College Online Mission Statement

Virginia College is a private institution of higher education committed to offering associate degrees, diploma courses, and baccalaureate degrees at its various campuses*. These programs strengthen the student's ability to enter or advance in a chosen career. The student's learning experience and placement opportunities are enhanced through studies that provide a balance of general academics, technical skills and personal growth.

The goal of Virginia College lies in its responsibility to its students, the technical and business communities, and the general citizenry. Virginia College provides educational opportunities through curricula in business, business-related, administrative, management, technical and professional programs that are designed to prepare the student for direct entry into the job market.

About Virginia College

Their Associate’s, Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree programs emphasize a fast and focused method without sacrificing the quality education that students and employers demand. Virginia College constantly research the job market to make certain they are offering those career programs in which the greatest job growth is expected. They proudly offer the most direct path to your new career!

Once you have the degree, do you know how to begin your new career? Maybe you’re looking for a new profession, or just want to move ahead in the one that you already have. At Virginia College, our Career Services associates stand ready to assist you in obtaining or enhancing your career wherever you are...and for the rest of your life!

One of the first questions many of their prospective students ask is, “How will I pay for college?” The answer is the right combination of financial aid programs that can help you manage the costs involved in obtaining your degree. The Financial Aid department at Virginia College is prepared to discuss how a combination of scholarships, Pell grants, and student loans are available to those who require assistance and qualify. It can be a complicated process, but they are here, ready to help you make the best decisions.

Sometimes it is very difficult to return to school, balancing job, family and other commitments in your busy life. That is why Virginia College offers flexible day and night class scheduling. Many of your classes may be available on line as well, so you can take them anytime, anywhere, so long as you have a reliable Internet connection.

Virginia College specializes in individual attention for their students. They have found the best learning environment includes smaller classes, taught by instructors with real-world experience. Many of them work in the fields in which they teach so they bring real-life situations to the classroom and lab. They know many of their students have had varying experiences with attending college in the past. They make sure you are not just a number, and take a personal interest in your success!

You know exactly what your education will cost--up front and in detail! There are no hidden or unexpected add-on fees (some programs may require that you purchase specialized items or pay one-time fees, but you know about those from the start). In most cases, even your textbooks are included in the total price. This alone can make hundreds of dollars of difference per quarter. Keep this in mind when comparing costs at Virginia College to other schools!

Ever feel like some schools are more concerned with the faculty than the student? At Virginia College, they’re focused on student satisfaction and outcomes. Personalized service and attention from professionals in academics, technology, financial planning and career services surround the students to help them achieve their specific goals.

Instructors from Virginia College are typically real-world professionals with many years of experience in their career fields. These are the people you want to learn from to be a success in the same career. At Virginia College, their instructors don't just teach a course, they LIVE it.

Virginia College has degree offerings in areas that provide their graduates with skills that are highly valued by today's employers. Business, criminal justice, paralegal, healthcare, technology and even culinary arts are a few of the Associate's, Master's and Bachelor's degrees available.


Virginia College is accredited by the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools (ACICS).

The Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools is listed as a nationally recognized accrediting agency by the United States Department of Education and is recognized by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA).

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