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West Coast University International Online

About West Coast University International Online

(Note: Different than West Coast University)

Distance Learning Specialist

West Coast University International Online (WCU) is only university dedicated to distance learning America's distance-learning Provider: WCU is an Open Distance Learning Provider They currently serve in many countries and students from many countries enroll each year.

Breaking Down Barriers

West Coast University makes it possible for you to earn a university education regardless of where you live or work, or your commitments to careers or families. The University strives to remove the barriers of time, space, past educational experience, and, to a great degree, level of income.

Time: Individualized study courses allow you to learn at your own pace. Flexible instruction frees you from the demands of specified class times and rigid institutional schedules. For undergraduate individualized study courses, there are no admissions deadlines; students may enrol year-round.

Past educational experience: Any person, 16 years of age or older, is eligible for admission to the University. University.

Level of income: WCU's method of learning allows you to pursue part-time studies and a full-time career. No longer does a university education necessarily mean the loss of employment income.

Recognizing prior learning: WCU's Prior learning assessment and recognition (RPL) process permits you to seek credit for learning that you have acquired through your workplace or your life.

You decide where you want to study. Choose from locations. Take a morning class downtown and an evening class in the suburbs. Move across the country - your West Coast credits travel anywhere you want to go. Same class, multiple offerings.

Take an intense course, or spread it out over an entire semester. West Coast's three semester per year academic calendar helps you fit any course into your schedule. Multiple classes, multiple options. Study from your home or office. Take some or all of your courses online whatever works best for you. West Coast is a leader in online education.

At West Coast University International Online, your education is about more than memorizing facts. You learn the skills you need from faculty with real-world experience. Then you'll practice what you learn. A West Coast degree gives you the education and confidence you need to succeed.

Why West Coast University?

Personalized Service

Beginning with your initial contact, you'll find that their personalized service is second to none. Faculty and staff are dedicated to the principle that it is only through your success that they succeed. West Coast University International Online are readily available to assist you with information from the application process to graduation requirements.

Open Enrollment

Begin courses at anytime and study when it best fits your schedule. At West Coast University, there are no predetermined semester or session dates to contend with.

Transfer Credit

West Coast University allows maximum transfer credit for your prior academic credits, training experience and relevant professional licenses and certifications. Up to 75 percent of undergraduate courses and 50 percent of graduate courses can be transferred into your degree program at West Coast University.

Self Paced Programs

With West Coast University, you can set your own pace for completing your degree program. Students are allowed 10 weeks to complete each course, but may finish a course in as little as three weeks depending on how quickly you complete the coursework. Following the required Student Orientation course, you are also given the option to complete one course at a time or two courses simultaneously.

Flexible Learning

Forget the days of scheduled online sessions and on-site test taking! At West Coast University residency is not a requirement and coursework can be completed at times that are most convenient for you. Faculty and staff offer flexible individualized instruction designed to provide each student with the guidance and support necessary for successful course completion.


West Coast University will conduct a comprehensive evaluation of your application and within seven to ten business days they will prepare a detailed evaluation report. This report will outline those courses they have determined you should take and those which they have accepted for transfer credit.

Course Structure

All West Coast University courses are offered completely online and combine the very best of online delivery and traditional university textbooks. Each course includes a course syllabus, assignments and open book exams.

Classroom of One

Once you enroll, you will be assigned a student services representative who will offer you personal guidance and advice throughout your degree program. Course specific faculty members are also assigned at the beginning of each course to provide you with the academic support you need to successfully complete your degree.


When comparing quality and cost – West Coast University is your best option. Their tuition is competitively priced to make achieving a quality education affordable and realistic for the average person.

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